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Enterprise LMS

MOOCit enables companies to train their employees and significantly reduce training costs - all while initiating the digital transformation of the training activity(s).

Our customers recognize the quality of our hosting and our data security requirements. With MOOCit, you benefit from the best existing tools on an innovative, secure and personalized LMS platform. Our LMS platforms are mainly used in companies for:

  • Initial and ongoing training needs
  • On-boarding of new employees
  • Employee skills development
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory training obligations
  • Digitisation of the HR or business training catalogue
  • Innovative, social and collaborative training systems
  • The creation of MOOC, COOC and SPOC
  • A complement to face-to-face and blended learning
  • Integration with the information system or company directory (SSO, LDAP)

The Thales Learning Hub's MOOCit platform offers SPOCS to train the group's engineers internationally in quality engineering methods and tools.
EmlyonX, emlyon business school's e-learning platform, produces and disseminates MOOCs in line with the emergence of new economic and organizational issues in Africa and Europe.

Teaching and education

MOOCit offers everything that universities and institutions need. We take care of the provision and hosting of the platform: you integrate the courses, communicate with your students and integrate the payments : Discount coupons, cancellations, everything is available, turnkey.

In the interest of reducing costs and facilitating access to quality education, the offer of online courses, better known as MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is constantly growing. The most popular MOOCs can reach more than 200,000 participants. Some universities are experimenting with hybrid approaches mixing lectures and online courses, SPOCs or Small Private Online Courses are then MOOCs with far fewer students.

MOOCit allows you to offer both MOOCs and SPOCs. Access to the courses can be free of charge or for a fee, certificates of achievement are also monetisable. The e-commerce module allows you to accept payment by Paypal or credit card.

Sales force & Retail

The retail sector is experiencing an increasing turnover of employees every year. The majority of its consumers consider the expertise of sales staff as a determining factor in their satisfaction. MOOCit reduces the duration of face-to-face training by 50% to 100%, avoiding too much downtime for employees involved in customer relations.

This reduction leads to a reduction in the salary costs of the training. Digital learning also reduces additional costs such as room rental and travel.

MOOCit offers mobile applications available on iOS and Android, allowing our customers to create quick training modules that are usable from day one, accessible across multiple devices and include features such as gaming and self-assessment that do not interfere with computerized point-of-sale management tools.

The Bestseller Group offers an online training platform for point-of-sale salespeople. Accessible via mobile phones, the modules are of a duration compatible with the working conditions and rhythm and involve the operational staff - the best ambassadors to the network.

Associations and Non-Profit

MOOCs allow for the digital production of what an association does on a daily basis in the field: making content freely available and making commitment possible for everyone. A MOOC can also highlight the collective intelligence and the values of sharing and collaboration cherished by associations.

MOOCit offers a concentrate of tools specifically designed for associations wishing to propose a MOOC. We propose an adapted hosting and a 20% discount for all MOOC projects carried our by a non-profit association.
Among the tools proposed in our solutions for associations : donation form, registration page, etc.

MOOCit accompanies associations that have created successful MOOCs and won prizes in numerous competitions:

The PhDOOC association offers PhD students and PhDs a MOOC to make them aware of existing tools and resources available online. This tailor-made collaborative training allows them to rely on a community while meeting their time and availability constraints.

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