Migrating from Moodle to Open edX - MOOCit in times of crisis

Faced with the frustrations and problems encountered by a certain number of learners in using their current Moodle-based platform, FormaTIM wishes to implement a new LMS solution as soon as possible.

Problems and challenges encountered

Before using MOOCit, FormaTIM uses the Moodle platform to offer online training. However, learners find the Moodle platform difficult to use.

Indeed, FormaTIM receives many requests for support from learners and must regularly adapt the training instructions to overcome the lack of ergonomics of the current platform: between adding instructions to guide learners to use Moodle (submitting answers is complicated) and the creation of explanatory videos on the use of the platform.

After doing a free trial, we decided to switch from Moodle to MOOCit because it's more ergonomic, easy to use and quick to deploy. MOOCit is the right solution for us.
Marine, Chief Developer, FormaTIM

In addition, due to the covid-19 pandemic, FormaTIM is seeing an increase in demand for e-learning. Wishing to offer a better experience to learners, FormaTIM then wants to quickly adopt a new LMS, more ergonomic, easy to use and deploy.


FormaTIM uses the MOOCit platform - Open edX

With MOOCit, FormaTIM was able to quickly and easily set up a more attractive LMS. An LMS flexible enough to meet the pedagogical needs of learners and from the outset, easier to use by learners, thus reducing friction in the adoption of e-learning. FormaTIM plans to continue using MOOCit for other e-learning projects in the future.

Investing in MOOCit was a good decision for us. It allowed us to quickly change platforms without having to create everything from scratch. What we prefer at MOOCit is the ease of use for our learners and the simple ergonomic interface provided by the platform.
Françoise TURIN, Director, FormaTIM

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