Automate the onboarding of Karacal podcasters with MOOCit

A growing startup, Karacal needs a scalable model to train and automate onboarding of new podcasters in its community.

Problems and challenges encountered

Karacal is a mobile application that offers cultural and geo-localized podcasts proposed by the community. Hanna, co-founder, is responsible for the acquisition and animation of the podcaster community.

Hanna is also in charge of moderating the content offered on the platform and training new podcasters. Hanna is also in charge of moderation of the content offered on the platform and the training of new podcasters.

As a growing startup, Karacal needs a scalable model to train the new podcasters in its community. Indeed, the demand for training is growing, especially outside the Paris region. There are no plans to continue face-to-face training and the need for an online training solution (LMS) is starting to be felt.

In addition, it is difficult to know the success rate of learners in face-to-face training. MOOCit provides the analysis tools to measure learners' progress and validate their knowledge. Today, the objective for a podcaster is to follow the online training and receive his certificate of success in order to be able to publish podcasts on the application.

MOOCit is easy to use, competitively priced and easily integrates into our existing tools. We started with 10 learners and got positive feedback. So we have moved on to the next level for more learners and more possibilities.
Hanna, Co-founder, Karacal


Time savings and new markets

For a cost of 49 € / month, Hanna saved a lot of time. Thanks to MOOCit, she is able to create the online trainings and has appointed a deputy to administer the LMS. She is no longer obliged to organize and deliver the face-to-face trainings.

Since using MOOCit, Karacal has been able to extend its services from the Paris region to the whole of France and reach new markets.

A unified and enriched learning experience

MOOCit provides Karacal with a learning environment where all learners receive exactly the same experience and tools. In addition, the online mode allows Karacal to go further in the training - because they are not limited to half a day, they can add several hours of material to ensure that they cover the topics their learners need.

Monitoring of onboarding and measurable skills acquisition

The integration of automated scoring and certificates has relieved Hanna of a subjective and difficult evaluation process. Having a robust and measurable grading system allows for more effective assessment of learners and the provision of certificates to successful podcasters.

Karacal plans to continue to develop its business and expand the reach of its online training courses using MOOCit.

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Enriched learning

Follow-up of achievements

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